Friday, June 12, 2009


I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and of course with all of that excitement comes the fun of finding the accompanying a guitar strap! I of course went to my fave handmade shopping site, etsy. I found some gorgeous options...hand tooled leather guitar straps and fun fabric ones. Then I came across these ├╝ber cool guitar straps that were made from vintage ties. At this point I've ordered two. The one above I ended up giving as a gift, and this is the one I kept for my gorgeous Mini Martin acoustic.

For those of you that have an iPhone, there's also a great app called Guitar Toolkit. It's expensive for an app ($9.99), but it has so many things that you would normally pay more for...a tuner, a metronome, guitar chord guide and a guide for scales. The tuner and the metronome alone come to at least $20 and most likely more. Neato Bandido!

Guitar Toolkit: Guitar TunerImage by ipresents via Flickr

Guitar Toolkit MetronomeImage by ipresents via Flickr

Guitar Toolkit Chord LibraryImage by ipresents via Flickr

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