Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CARAMEL POPCORN & WASABI PEAS - an unlikely but nummy combo

corny sugar

So this snack combo happened by accident. I had a craving for savory and for sweet. I had gone to Trader Joe's and gotten their wasabi peas and their fat free caramel popcorn. You know how it goes...I ate some peas, then I took a bite of some caramel popcorn...then some peas...and I realized that they tasted REALLY good together.

There's something about the spicyness of the peas mixed with the caramelized sweetness of the popcorn that just sings. To me, this was even better than theater popcorn mixed with m&m's or goobers or whatever I've seen my friends doing.

Wasabi Peas

Try it. You'll like it...and if you don't, I might come up with another combo later on that you'll dig.

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