Saturday, June 13, 2009

EL POLLO LOCO SOUP - nothing wasted

I love those El Pollo Loco deals that you see when you go through the drive-thru... 8 pieces for $6.99. I'd get the sides... BBQ black beans, steamed veggies and rice. If I was eating with a friend, we'd finish some of it, and have leftovers. One lovely grey day, I decided to try something with the leftovers. I threw all the leftover chicken and bones into a small pot of water to make some broth. After cooking it for about 45 minutes, I pulled the chicken out, shredded up the meat and discarded the bones, tossed in what I had left of the BBQ beans, rice, and the little cups of salsa they give you...everything went in the pot. I added a little salt and pepper. I saved the veggies for the end since they were already pretty soft, and after 20 minutes, I had a really fantastic soup!

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