Friday, June 26, 2009



We finally got the chairs in and a gorgeous lamp that Tori bid on at her daughter's school auction. It's customized with little panels of "stained glass" type of work that each kid had done to contribute to the lamp. We also purchased a cabinet off of Craigslist to consolidate all of the papers and equipment that we were housing in separate little cubbies. I love it...the antique pieces mixed with the modern chairs & industrial table from Ikea and the whimsical astroturf rug (purchased at Costco) and all works somehow. I love that the wooden chairs pick up the wood of the antique pieces and that they also have the same style of wire base that the white chairs, making it look cohesive while still being a little funky since it's all mixed.

Check out how those stackable orange chairs turned out. The little yellow cubicle piece was in the lounge area previously and it goes nicely here as a magazine table for the actors. It was purchased at Ikea. Our space feels so good now!


At the studio we have a lounge area in the back with a really cool couch and an astroturf "rug". The rug, we bought from Costco, the couch we got from Craigslist for $200.

The plan was that we were going to re-use some dining room chairs after having them repainted (they required sandblasting since the metal had quite a bit of detail in it) and reupholstered. The chairs were free, but the repainting and reupholstering estimate at the cheapest place we could find was going to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $200 per chair, unfortunately.

We decided that buying new chairs would be a more affordable option so we began looking at Ikea and We have a metal dining room table that sits in the middle of this astroturf rug, and we decided on these two Rae Walnut Dining chairs for the head of the table since they pick up the color of the wood grain on the couch.

And we are combining these with four of these Ronnie Wire Base chairs that are going to go around the table.

We did debate using the black ones, decided the white would pop more against the green astroturf and our hot pink wall. The prices were so affordable. For two of the Ronnie Wire base chairs, it's $156.74 if you're a member on their site. For the Rae Walnut chairs, it's a set of 2 for $161.49. We saved quite a bit on this set-up! I can't wait to see it all together back there. I'll post a pic when we get it all done.

We also just ordered some stackable chairs for the studio that our lovely Zac found (he's planning on putting these around an espresso colored, round West Elm Dining room table that I just handed over to him). This deal was ridiculous on Overstock, a set of 4 chairs for $151.99. They're called Stackable Orange Locker Chairs. Gotta LOVE the orange.

While we're on the subject of chairs... I dig this rocking chair as well from Overstock. It's a Vinnie White Cradle Chair. It sells for $151.99 as a member price.

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