Sunday, June 28, 2009

LUCHA VaVOOM - mexican wrestling & burlesque

Dirty Sanchez, the Crazy Chickens, Shamu, Cassandro, Chilango...these are all names of the Luchadores that fight in Lucha VaVoom, a Mexican Wrestling meets Burlesque show that shines every Halloween, Valentine's Day and Summer. It is hands down one of my favorite things to do in Los Angeles.

Dirty Sanchez is...well, just dirty. The Crazy Chickens are my personal fave...due to their awesome chicken clucking techno beat that serves as their theme song. I was there for the hatching of the mini-chicken. There was a large egg on started to crack...out popped a little person dressed in a baby chick costume, pecs and buffed hamstrings and all. They had a rope tied around him and lifted him up to "fly" him around the stage. That quickly ended after they accidentally bumped him into the speaker. These are not sights that you normally see, even in a city like Los Angeles.

One thing to keep in mind, WHEN you do go and if you get ringside seats (well worth it), be sure to wear some comfortable shoes because you're probably going to have to run at some point since the wrestlers get thrown out of the ring and sometimes continue the fight OUT of the ring.
Also, count your's easy to get quite tossed at this event due to the insane fun factor.

The MC's are always hilarious...Blaine Carpatch is friggin' hilarious, and they have a true Mexican fight announcer who does his work in Spanish. The burlesque dancers are awesome... different body types, all showing off their skills at making strip tease a show rather than just a pole grind. My favorite is Karis, who is a friend of mine. Always the highlight of Lucha, Karis' talent with the hula-hoop is ALWAYS surreal, sensuous and gorgeous with a capital G.

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