Monday, June 15, 2009

DAVE'S CHILLIN' & GRILLIN' - hands down best sammies

This is Dave. He's from Boston and he has a serious passion for making sandwiches. I'm lucky enough to live in Eagle Rock where he has his joint, Dave's Chillin' & Grillin'. This year he expanded to include more seating for his loyal customers, and boy you can include all of Eagle Rock in that bunch. This is literally the joint where everyone knows your name. They know what your favorites are, and really, EVERYTHING on the menu is genius.

My first favorite was the french dip sandwich. I ask them to make it with turkey. They put horseradish mayo and they pour the au jus all over the meat on the sammy. Dave explains that he has the bakery make his bread and then put it in plastic bags to take the crunch out of the crust...that way the sandwich holds better when you have something wet like a french dip going on in it. See what I mean? GENIUS. He thinks about this stuff...and he gets top notch ingredients, including Israeli feta for the greek veggie sandwich (which, by the way, tastes amazing with some roast beef for you meat lovers). Go in there, they won't steer you wrong. They all have advice on what to order and how to order it. They make a mean smoothie and I swear it is an amazing hangover cure. I nearly crawled in there one afternoon after a very rough night and after a sandwich and a smoothie, I felt 95% better! The chillers are super duper tasty and the malts are phenomenal. He has different specials so check to see what they are. The pilgrim is awesome (turkey, stuffing, cranberry & gravy) and his chili dog is to die for.

I'm not actually a huge sandwich lover (I know, you can't tell from how I've gone about this place) , but I <3 Dave's. Jeez I'm hungry now.

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  1. Mmmmm!!! This is to die for. I wish you were bringing me one right now!


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