Saturday, June 13, 2009

NATALIA FABIA - when you <3 a painting

My friend Tori invited me to go with her to a gallery show at the Cory Helford Gallery in Culver City. There was a young artist named Natalia Fabia that was going to be showing there. Her artwork was sexy, fun, and stunningly gorgeous. The show was called "Hooker Safari". That's hot. This painting pretty much describes the entire show:

I met Natalia, and she is a beautiful, statuesque blonde rockstar looking girl in her 20's. Amazing. Her style is very distinct and her skill is impressive.

This painting of the elephant was IMPRESSIVE. It was huge...6ft x 6ft and she had so many elements within the painting. Up close, you could see that the elephant was made up of a collage of different female body parts.

I fell in love with the painting of the girl wearing the hat with the little ears. It was definitely one of the tamer paintings that she had, but there was something magical about it and as much as I walked around and tried to get out of my mind, I couldn't. She even used purple glitter on this painting...can't say no to glitter!

She has had a follow up show and I've heard that it was quite successful. I was able to view a preview link to it and she had sold a lot of paintings before the show even began, and it seems that her paintings have gone up in price pretty substantially.

She's definitely an artist to watch out for and the Cory Helford Gallery is always getting fun art shows in their space...something to look out for.
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