Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ROOSEVELT MIXOLOGY - cocktail composer matthew biancaniello

Cocktails=candy for adults. If you've ever been to the Roosevelt Hotel Library Bar in Los Angeles, you might have met the Willy Wonka of cocktails. Matthew Biancaniello is the best mixologist I've come across. Granted, I haven't seen many mixologists in LA, but I have met a few and I have a passion for mixing it up myself and this guy is truly an artist.

I went to the Library Bar one evening with my friend Miguel. We wanted somewhere quiet for a chat so the Library Bar seemed perfect. It's gorgeous, intimate, and the music isn't pumped up in there. They have comfy seating and most importantly, they have Matt. I had the Pear Ginger Drop (Absolut Pear, homemade ginger syrup, fresh lemon juice, club soda, garnished with ginger gumdrop). It was incredible...the balance was perfect and it was scrumptious! Get this...he made his own ginger syrup...makes his own grenadine syrup (which he gave us a taste of and it's outrageously good), and he was going to work out how to make his own ginger gumdrop. THAT is dedication to the craft. That night he was also making a fresh blood orange maragarita which he had me taste...insanely delish. He's so friendly and so enthusiastic about his creations...his passion is infectious. He always works with whatever is fresh at the Farmers Market.

Check with the bar to see when he's working before you go down there. It's really worth it...the library bar is not the same without him there. I went once when he had the night off and the bartender didn't know anything about Matt's creations so I ended up with my usual fare.

He's going to be in the next Angeleno magazine with his Mangoleno cocktail! Mmmm...can't wait to taste it.

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