Sunday, July 12, 2009

DON CHOW TACO TRUCK - kung pao tacos, burritos & tamales...WTF?

Well this was an interesting find... coming out of an art festival in Chinatown, I saw a taco truck parked on Broadway called Don Chow...the name made me stop and take a peek at their menu. It's definitely no frills... their signs have a kind of makeshift feeling to them, complete with perma-marker revisions.

What caught my eye was the Kung Pao on their sign. Kung Pao tacos, burritos and a Chimale which is a tamale filled with Kung Pao chicken or pork. They also have Chinese BBQ pork and shrimp and tofu as a filling for their tacos, and a bit of the traditional in their Carne Asada and Al Pastor. I had to try the Chimale. It's a VERY tasty tastes nothing like Kung Pao, but I loved biting into an occasional chunk of water chestnut. They served it with what tasted like a fairly traditional salsa. I'm hoping to try the soy ginger sauteed shrimp taco next time I come across them. If you're looking for something tasty that's a bit different from your regular taco. This is it.

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